Innovative applications of medical butyl rubber plug
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With the improvement of domestic medical regulations on the safety requirements of pharmaceuticals industry, people have been gradually being understood that the performance of packaging material that directly contact with drug will directly affect the drug quality. Rubber plug is such a material that is widely used in packaging material which directly contact with drug. Rubber plug is easy to cause quality problem that the insoluble particles will pollute liquid medicine during the process. Therefore, the requirement of the entire formula and production process of medical rubber plug also has been increasingly improved. Javachem®GW multifunctional additive for medical butyl rubber plug material is convenient to use, it can improve the surface performance, enhance success rate of machine and reduce punching fallen scraps, which will lead to a new revolution in medical rubber plug.


Javachem®GW product story of Javachem®GW multifunction additive for medical rubber plug


Traditional process of silicification

The surface process by silicone oil is spraying solution or emulsion that contains silicone oil in low concentration (by spraying, coating or dipping) on clean and dry surface. It can improve the surface adhesiveness of film by weathering or drying at high temperature.

The silicified rubber plug is easy for individual packaging. The frictional resistance of racking machine rail will be 50-100 times different from silicified or not. When it’s not silicified, the plug is difficult to go smoothly through the machine. But when it’s over silicified, it easily causes the capping rebound, plug jumping and falling when go through the machine, meanwhile it’s easy to fall plug in vacuum drying process which could not carry any drying effect.

It is difficult to quantify the thickness and concentration of silicone oil film for very little silicone oil is needed to cover the surface.


Problems and difficulties from silicification

Silicone oil particles released by rubber plug sterilizing at high temperature will lead particles out of limits.

Drug powder is easy to be absorbed by silicone oil when contacting with rubber plug, form gel or powder group, and lead muddy and dissolvable phenomenon contact with water.

The infusion product will absorb to the wall of bottle after sterilizing at high temperature and cooling.

The effect of silicification is difficult to control, because it’s hard to control the real dosage of silicone oil and hard to coating evenly。

The amount of silicification is small, which will influence problems mentioned above. And if the amount is large, it will lead problems such as falling plug, increasing of insoluble particles, affect compatibility with drug (for example, liquid medicine muddied).


Javachem®GW core advantages of Javachem®GW multifunctional additive for medical rubber plug

·         Improve mixing process, mold release and plug pressure properties of rubber plug

·         Enhance rubber plug’s tenacity at low temperature and heat aging properties

·         Reduce the dosage of LMW oxidizer and plasticizer, reduce surface dust

·         Effectively reduce all kinds of rubber crumbs and punching fallen scraps

·         Disperse more evenly, increase surface gloss, reduce frictional resistance, no migration and 

        become sticky

·         Avoid influence on drug that caused by migration of silicone oil in silicification process。



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