Adhesion enhancement to polymer materials
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Javachem KF is a polymer-based surface modifier with special amino functional group.By enriching on substrate’s surface, it improves material surface polarity and enhances adhesion as well as wetting property. It can also reduce surface defects such as coating cracking and pitting, and enhance yield rate.


Product story of Javachem®KF

·         Improve surface polarity without any decay and impart product with stronger adhesion and higher 

        production yield

·         Directly added to base material without extra process

·         Elimination of some physical/chemical processes downstream accomplishing energy conservation 

         and emission reduction

·         No influence on mechanical properties

·         Excellent lubrication and dispersion for fillers



Surface electroplating for PA : Automotive door-handle

·         Optimize pre-treatment process of PA electroplating 

·         Promote wetting property of substrates

·         Enhance electroplating yield rate


Surface coating for PP : Automotive bumper

·         Improve surface polarity, promote uniform wetting effect 

·         Improve coating property and paint film adhesion

·         Optimize spraying process 



Surface electroplating for ABS : Automotive interior material

·         Optimize pre-treatment process and enhance electroplating qualified rate 

·         Reduce the requirement of electroplating process on ABS selection

·         Reduce coating cracking and enhance production yield 


Other applications



Industrial Phenomenon


PPhydrophilic nonwoven

PE perforated cloth

When drying nonwovens after impregnated by hydrophilic agents, the hydrophilic agents tend to be sticked away from roller thus resulting in poor product quality


CPP films, etc

With amounts of scrapes produced, corona requires strict process stability; The product treated by corona process requires strict storage conditions to keep the product quality

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It’s easy to become yellow when treated by potassium permanganate with environment problems

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