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Household Appliance and Necessities
household appliance and necessities

The rapid development of household appliance and necessities satisfied customers’ requirement for product functionality and 

intellectualization,meanwhile, with the constant promotion of individual demand and appearance requirement for aesthetic materials, 

improving the shell performance and appearance recognition also become important factorsof customers’ choices.

Javachem® super piano-black series make the household appliance and necessities maintain long-lasting piano-black texture and 

improve the appearance recognition。 With the property of excellent and effective scratch resistance, it can also improve the scratch 

and abrasion in the daily use。 It is widely used for free-fraying high gloss materials。

Javachem®AF imparts the shell of household appliance and daily necessities with hydro-olephobicity, antifouling and self-cleaning 

properties. It can also prolong service life along with the property of comfortable touch feel. 

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