International sales

Basic requirements

Education: bachelor degree or above

Major: international trade, polymer materials and engineering and other relevant majors.



1Be good at writing and speaking in English. 

2More than 2-years experiences at international sales, be familiar with the trade process, having experience in chemical industry is preferred. 

3Strong learning ability, willing to long-term work and grow up with company together. 


Main responsibilities:

1Collect and understand the industrial information and dynamic, learn master the market situations of product.

2Maintain the existed customers, actively committed to open market and look for potential customers。 

3Follow up the ongoing orders, complete a series work such as concluding the contract, contacting the forwarder, preparing the documents, following up 

     the shipments, and collecting payment.  

4Organize and attend fairs home and abroad, coordinate to prepare relative issues of the fairs. 

5Complete translation accordingly。



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