We come from different majors with devise background, fulfill the same commitment in the different positions, providing the professional solutions for customers.

Javachem, a professional manufacturer of plastic additives, can provide professional solutions for plastic industry, strive to be the most dynamic supplier 

of plastic additives in China.


As members of Javachem, we are actively committed to protect environment, fulfill social responsibility and realize the enterprise development, as well as

make the relations of the enterprise, society and environment more harmonious, make work happier and life more beautiful. 

With the scientific knowledge and expertise techniques, we always innovate, design and provide solutions for plastic industry. If you are the same with us, 

eager to change, continuous innovation, make the product as the art, do everything perfectly, then, we welcome your choose to work in Javachem, know 

more about us such as how to cooperate with so many academic institutions, materials manufacturers, community organizations for more and better solutions.

The thing you get from Javahchem is not only a job, also a platform to activate your more potentials and a carrier full of challenges and opportunities. 

Welcome to join us, let’s create more targets.


Focus on Javachem:            
Zhejiang- ICP- No. 16008341
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